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The Louisiana Watershed Flood Center provides research and development capabilities in different areas related to floods with a focus on integrated watershed solutions.

Examples of capabilities include:

  • Design of watershed monitoring systems for real-time flood alert and warning applications
  • Probabilistic analysis and prediction of extreme events
  • Radar-rainfall applications in hydrologic and hydraulic modeling
  • Hydrologic and hydrodynamic modeling
  • Flood forecasting and hazard identification
  • Floodplain delineation and mapping
  • Design and evaluation of flood mitigation measures
  • Assessment of flood impacts on water quality and habitat variables
  • Historical assessment of flood impact on communities
  • Sustainability assessment of water resources systems
  • Watershed geospatial analysis
  • Web-based visualization of hydrologic information
  • Custom programming for water resources modeling applications
  • Development of research-driven educational innovations in hydrology and water resources

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Louisiana Watershed Flood Center