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August 2016 Flood Simulation

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UL Researchers Design River and Rain Gauge Network for Louisiana Watershed Initiative

Congratulations to our UL Lafayette researchers with the UL Department of Engineering and the Louisiana Watershed Fl

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Now Hiring: Postdoctoral Researcher in Hydrology and Water Resources

The Institute for Coastal & Water Research is now hiring a Postdoctoral Researcher in Hydrology and Water Resour

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Check out our recent research results that examine how large natural storage areas, such as the Cypress Island Swamp, interact and affect flooding along major rivers in south Louisiana.

Our researchers at the UL Lafayette Watershed Flood Center and College of Engineering developed a numerical model that simulates flooding along the Vermilion River and how it interacts with the Cypress Island Swamps. These simulations will provide us with valuable information on how we capitalize on the presence of natural storage areas within our #watersheds to mitigate the effects of extreme floods using sustainable and effective nature-based solutions.

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